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  • In support of efficient land and water management, local governments and community stakeholders have the challenge of managing, analyzing, sharing and visualizing large amounts of geospatial data.
  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) saves money, improves productivity and data accessibility.


  • Solara Concepts supports and augments your organization with affordable, agile GIS services.
  • We assess your needs and provide customized GIS solutions through training, consulting, analysis and mapping services.
  • We specialize in developing interactive online & mobile applications and 3-D visualization.
  • Great GIS data analysis and mapping supports great decision-making!

Solara Concepts Supports Local Government through GIS via:

  • Land use analysis and zoning
  • Public safety applications, e.g., 911 support
  • Disaster response, evacuation planning
  • Floodplain Vulnerability Assessment
  • Property assessment/management
  • Parcel management
  • Asset management
  • Water, sewer, and roadway infrastructure
  • Public information applications
  • Many more!